GChat: Brother-in-law Leonard (Southerner)

 me:  which phone do you have and hos much do you pay?
 Sent at 11:32 on Tuesday
 Leonard:  Hi Minx.  i have to run to lunch but this is the phone
it runs on verizon’s network, so great coverage
 Sent at 11:52 on Tuesday
 Leonard:  It is $30/mo for 1000 min 1000 txt.  I just stepped up to unlimited which is $45/mo (unlimited text and unlimited SLOW data)
great thing is that it is a flat $30. No taxes or BS regulatory fees or anything.
 me:  YES!
 Leonard:  any of the stragiht talk phones ending in “C” are CDMA phones, which is verizon’s network, and get really good coverage
ok – gotta run for a noon appt
 me:  thanks!
 Sent at 11:55 on Tuesday
 Leonard:  what did you think of that phone option?
 Sent at 16:31 on Tuesday
 me:  the link was dead
but i like it!
it died i shoudl say
 Leonard:  oh, straight talk samsung 380C
 me:  weird i know
 Leonard:  ok
 me:  want to grab a drink after work thursday?
I can get you parking 
I have to be in venice by 8
but im done at 330
 Leonard:  I might be able to – I was trying to think of a day.
 me:  jane can probably join us
 Leonard:  I am supposed to be in San Clemente on Thurs
if I can make it back up by what time?
I have to come back up anyway
 me:  youre going to want to leave by 245
to avoid slaughter
 Leonard:  Yes, that can be brutal. I will try to leave at 1pm and maybe I can work from a starbucks or something till we meet up
 me:  nice
coordinate by email
 Leonard:  ok, will do
 me:  im in no hurry to get a phone… 
 Sent at 16:35 on Tuesday
 Leonard:  u could get a pager
 me:  (!)
 Leonard:  if u are really worried about emergencies
 me:  what about vmail
 Leonard:  plus, it would be pretty baller
 me:  so BALLER
send me a hotlink
 Leonard:  when early 90s rap songs espouse the virtue of an exploding pager, you will sing the loudest
 me:  I might buy right now!
 Leonard:  hotlink to a pager?
 me:  yes
I mean
are they even supported
 Leonard:  oh yea, docs still use them
 me:  I think real drug dealers use them now
 Leonard:  yea
 me:  and minky’s
 Leonard:  thats right

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