Alarm Clock = 6am local birds chirping

This is day four of waking up naturally to the sound of birds outside my window. I never heard them before this week. In the past, my IPhone alarm would wake me up at 630 and I’d use the snooze button until around 6:48. Because I tend to ignore issues or work around them, I do not have an electronic device for waking myself for work. So I guess my body is cooperating with my laziness by sleeping lighter and being more sensitive to morning sounds. I’m pretty sure lighter sleep means more REM which means I’m getting better sleep.

Let the vacation continue!

I also don’t have a TV.

But guess what? A lot of people don’t because it’s expensive ($100 month for cable + buying the TV) and most of the stuff being aired isn’t any good. I also think TVs are eyesores in living rooms.

Anyway, one research group estimates that by the end of this year, nearly 5 million Americans will have have canceled their cable subscription and switched to all online sources like netflix and hulu. Like me. Read about it.

No Phone + No Facebook

My IPhone fell out a Tuktuk in Bangkok 15 days ago. I’ve been in Los Angeles for about five days now sans phone. It doesn’t seem to be a problem. I did miss a doctors appt yesterday but calling wouldn’t have helped. There was a terrible accident on the ten going East. Anyway, I haven’t put much effort into replacing my phone because I really don’t want a smart phone. I want a flip phone.

With a flip phone, I can be reached by text or phone but I can’t check my email, facebook or instagram. And if my real life were as boring as my social network life, I’d snuf this candle out myself. My online avatar personality may look happier and shinier than my real self, but it’s a boring life I lead online. I tell myself I’m there for interesting posts from interesting people but those are a tiny percentage of the trash spewing out of my newsfeed. I’m there mostly for schaudenfraude and maybe for some very childish stalking of men who do not pursue me. Not good.

So, a few hours ago I quit facebook. I instantly had a little burst of gratification. Maybe it’s like what someone who kills themselves to spite the people who ignored them. There was a part of me that thought, “That guy is going to wonder why I quit Facebook.” Who cares? Sadly, I do.

Tomorrow I think I will pick up a prepaid phone. Right now I am actually home very sick but in terms of being unplugged, as I blog and call my sister using Google Voice, I feel pretty good.