A New Age

This blog’s original purpose was to chronicle using a pager and later a flip phone as my primary mode of communication. The removal of the internet from my hands was an extreme divorce from how I had been operating, whether looking up directions to familiar destinations or using text messages to remember where I was last in a text relationship. It was a leap backward into unknown territory. As Herodtus said, “You never step in the same river twice. ” Trust me, flip phoning was different in 2004 when everyone was painstakingly punching in “cu l8tr.”

A few lessons:

1. Outdated technology can be worse than no technology.

2. Convenience can consume your time and conserve it.

I have my new IPhone and the number is migrating as I type. I am excited to group text, send a photo and shazam.

I love technology and I’m hoping/aspiring to have the discipline to make it my servant and not my master. Wish me luck!

I’m not going back to facebook or instagram.

And, I’m 30.

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