3 thoughts on “Can’t go back.”

  1. Ouch. AT&T can take a long walk off a short pier. Telecommunications companies can be terrible. I lost my unlimited Data Service in between phones with Verizon. They are all money-grubbing crooks. I suggest you switch companies. Now you have limited cost-effective options to return to the 21st century and you still are without easy unlimited access to data. Social experiment has taken a drastic turn South….

  2. Bot – I’m sticking with Wal-Mart-owned Straighttalk which sells verizon phone and data at half the price. I went ahead and bought a $450 phone (free shipping) and since I save $55 a month ($99-$45 for unlimited phone and data prepaid style) the phone will be paid for in 8 months.

    I know this is all over the top but I’m a purist!

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