So I’m probably going to except this 3rd

So I’m probably going to except this 3rd offer I’ve received for someone’s old IPhone. It was generous each time and I appreciate the two would-be givers and, Libby, the actual gifter.

I guess you could say I learned a few things during this time. One is that it’s easier to have no phone than a glorified walkie-talkie. People seem to be able to accept an extreme level of dysfunction more than the inability to text fast or accept most messages. 

I feel some sadness as this experiment ends. Not because I will miss my flip phone but because I feel like so few people understand why I value being disconnected. My desire to unplug is sadly written off as I don’t even know what. I try to not to imagine how people interpret my actions unless it serves some purpose. 

I guess I can leave my new IPhone at home sometimes or maybe let it die more often than I should. It won’t be the same as when checking my phone 

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