GChat: MC Hamster, Friend, Author

me:  tired
i enjoy blogging
 Mary:  send me your blog!
 me:  maurna.com
 Sent at 17:46 on Thursday
 Mary:  wait.. you’re not on facebok anymore?
when did that happen?
 me:  i dont know
3 weeks ago
for all of the people who said I post too much, no one noticed when I left
like 2 people noticed
 Mary:  well… i never see anyone’s updates
FB feed sucks
 me:  mine was bad
it was my link to the outside world
but it was a depressing portal
I never missed it
and my socio-graph in my head is normal now
all of the people in your feed who aren’t in your life suddenly recede into the corners of your memory
 Mary:  that’s a good point
 me:  its an experiemnt
I dont blog about it because its so wholly unimportant to me
there wasnt a withdrawal
that being said
I’m very active on G+
Alert Sergie Brin!
he has a user that is not guy kawasaki or a company!
or a cat lover — dear God. The memes on G+ should be banned
 Mary:  i have noticed that
i occasionlly post… but it’s rare
 me:  I dont mind playing to an audience of one
the old narcissist advantage
I mean
who has a custom domain with their first name?
me an Oprah
and jefflewis
 Sent at 17:53 on Thursday
 Mary:  i love it
great outlet, too… for your ideas/thoughts
 Sent at 17:54 on Thursday
 me:  do yo uthink it could be a professional liability?
Obviously it’s a social liability
 Sent at 17:56 on Thursday
 Mary:  it could be
at the same time, you’ve found other wasy to communicate that work for you
 me:  like what?
 Mary:  the fact that you created a blog…. you’ve started your own company. that should speak for itself.
who cares if you use facebook?
 me:  I was asking if the blog could be a liability
I dont care if facebook is
I think its cognitive poison
 Mary:  i was referring to the blog.. which addresses your rejection of some of these things
 me:  oh
so – bottom line?
 Mary:  i woudln’t worry about it.
you are you
 me:  it’s true
I can’t escape myself
 Mary:  you want to work for a company that appreciates that part of you
so… if they don’t like what they see, so bet it
 me:  okay

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